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The membership of ISCAS is open to individuals, national or international societies, universities/institutions of higher education and training, as well as industries or companies producing or commercializing equipment for health services or scientific and medical research related to the field.

2018 Membership

For an Active Member membership at 50 Euros, you will be ISCAS member until December 31st 2018. You will have a reduced rate (50 % off) for subscription to the International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery, access to ISCAS information, and reduced fees for conferences and workshops. In addition, a joint ISCAS and CAOS membership is available.

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Active Members

Any person pursuing activities in the engineering, health care, scientific or industrial fields related to computer aided surgery and related medical interventions. The rights and privileges of Members include voting and participating in the meetings of the association.


Associate Members

Any national or international association with similar aims may apply for associate membership and become an affiliated association. The mode of representation of the executive body of that association shall be determined by the by-laws. Any educational institution, industry, company or organization concerned with the field may also apply for associate membership


Honorary Members

Persons who have particularly distinguished themselves in the field, or who have contributed substantially to the development of the Association, can be appointed as honorary members, without any obligation to payment of membership fees.


Membership Applications and Dues

Application for membership of ISCAS in any of the above categories may be made by using the application form. All application dues are determined from time to time by the Council, subject to the approval of the General Assembly.